Will Smith’s Response To Your 'Entanglement' Memes Is Exactly Why He’s The Fresh Prince

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Will Smith has been internet fodder over the past several days after his wife Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to having an affair with 27-year-old singer August Alsina. During an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk Facebook series, the actress referred to the relationship as an “entanglement.” 

Subsequently, Alsina had the audacity to release a single with Rick Ross called “Entanglements,” which set Twitter on fire for being both “petty” and “disrespectful.” Fast-forward to Monday (July 20) and Will has decided to poke fun at himself with a meme of his own.

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The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star shared a video clip with his 47.1 million Instagram followers that shows him turning his back right when someone is about to toss a Mac desktop off a roof for him to catch.

He wrote in the caption, “ME:__” then “2020: __” The clip was coupled with a snippet of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,”  a song originally written and recorded in 1939 by Solomon Linda under the title “Mbube” for the South African Gallo Record Company.

Will’s ability to make light of a complicated — and very public — situation is what made his Fresh Prince character so famous. The long-running sitcom was jam packed with laughs every week from 1990 to 1996.

Unsurprisingly, fans of Will were quick to defend him on Twitter, especially after Alsina released the aforementioned single. The song reveals intimate details around what happened between Alsina and Will’s wife of 23 years.

“I’m bein’ honest baby, don’t want no strings attached (Uh-uh)/You just want a nigga that’s gon’ break your back (Break your back),” Alsina sings. “I’m half? No, I ain’t ’bout to play with that (Play with that). You left your man to fuck with me, just to pay him back/Don’t you know that’s cold hearted?

“Once you gone, no comin’ back/Girl, you fuckin’ with a youngin’, I be doin’ shit you like/Don’t do talkin’ when I see you, all your hear’s love sounds/Goin’ round for round, you want a nigga that take you down (This a special bond but it ain’t true).”

Will Smith Fans Blast August Alsina’s ‘Entanglements’ Single For Being Petty & Disrespectful

Although the “entanglement” was several years ago, Jada said there was obviously still some “healing” that needed to be done. The couple maintains they were on a break when the affair took place.

Source: Hip Hop DX