Gillie Da Kid Calls Out Joe Budden For Not Owning His Own Podcast

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Gillie Da Kid has responded to Joe Budden after criticizing him for his “All Lives Matter” comments that recently surfaced.

The veteran rapper and host of Barstool Sports podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, called out Budden for not owning The Joe Budden Podcast, which Spotify bought in August.

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“You don’t even own your shit – you work for Spotify,” Gillie said. “Shout out to Courtney Holt, the muthafucka that owns your shit. COURTNEY, WHAT’S UP BABY. ‘Cause Courtney was hollering at us too tryna get us over there at Spotify. Shout out to Courtney, business is business. We said no, we’re owners. Then we went over to Barstool.” Holt is the Head of Studios & Video at Spotify and has occupied the role since 2017.

His co-host Wallo267 then chimes in with the fact they’ve got full control of Million Dollaz Worth of Game: “We don’t work for nobody, we partner with people. We own our shit.”

Gillie continued to take digs at Budden by saying that their business is owned by a black man, and The Joe Budden Podcast isn’t.

“Who own your shit? A White man. Who own our shit? A Black man,” Gillie said. “You right nigga, Black lives do matter muthafucka. You exactly right, and Black businesses too, nigga.”

Earlier this month, Gillie was the topic of conversation when he said the controversial phrase “All Lives Matter” in a video clip that resurfaced online.

“So, I keep getting the same question, ‘Gillie, you always giving up game. Why you don’t ever give no game on Black Lives Matter?’” he said. “‘Cause I don’t get to that shit, nigga. All Lives Matter, nigga. I don’t give a fuck if you White, Black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine, NIGGA, All Lives Matter.”

In a response to the “All Lives Matter” clip, Gillie claimed his words meant something different at the time and also showed support for Black Lives Matter.

“Y’all tried to poach something I said four years ago to try to act like it was in today’s climate,” Gillie said. “When I said that, white people weren’t even saying that at that time. Shout out to Black Lives Matter movement.”

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Despite the video being years old, Budden wasn’t convinced that Gillie was being genuine and didn’t hold back on voicing his opinion on his own podcast.

“Yeah, I’m not caping for this nigga, man,” Budden said. “This nigga says and does a lotta stupid, doofy, goofball shit and ever since he got that Barstool deal, it’s amplified. I’m not dignifying any conversation about the response to Black Lives Matter being it should matter to Black people.”

“You’ve missed the point. And if you’re not bright enough to get the point, then what the fuck are you talking about the point for?”

Source: Hip Hop DX