HORSESHOE GANG SAME DAY (funk volume dis)aster
HORSESHOE GANG SAME DAY (funk volume Diss)

The Horseshoe GANG is the fastest to respond to a dis. The response came same the same day when it took Funk Volume 6 days to respond to the horseshoe GANG dis track HALF A MEAL

Funk Volume response came about six days after the HORSESHOE GANG.

The Horseshoe GANG dropped there response only hours later the SAME DAY

What do you think?

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Horseshoe Gang * Crooked I * COB Show 5/12 Galaxy Theater

In Santa Ana
The show was packed with excited fans from all over Orange County and the South Bay. The Horseshoe Gang gave the crowd an energetic and entertaining performance with crisp sounding lyrics that blazed from start to finish. Crooked I took the stage shortly after and the packed crowd went into a frenzy. The Crooked performance was very well put together with feature performers Tim West and Karelezz, Bo-Rock, and Big Sloan. Performance footage coming soon.