Juicy J Reveals He Carries Multiple Guns On Him At All Times & 'Will Shoot' If Necessary

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Juicy J fielded some fan questions via Twitter on Wednesday (June 17) and during the exchange, admitted he carries three guns on him at all times.

In a since-deleted tweet, the Three 6 Mafia OG said, “I never tried to be some tough guy for attention but I keep 3 straps on me at all time & I will shoot if I have to I don’t care about jail.”

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He added in a follow-up tweet, “Nobody wants to go to jail. I have a friend of mine doing life but if you are in a situation kill or be killed you wouldn’t have time to worry about jail.”

Naturally, Juicy’s tweets started to stir up controversy and many questioned why he couldn’t just rap about positivity considering the current climate in the United States. He explained that’s precisely why he’s strapped.

“I’m trying to give y’al more positivity in my music but right now we are living in a violent world. I rather every chill & smoke weed.”

Ultimately, the Memphis rap legend felt people misconstrued his point and decided to delete the tweets, explaining, “I didn’t say go out & sh—t somebody y’all taking my tweet out of context I was trying to explain to y’all we have to do what we have to do to protect ourself & our family I prefer all of you to be none violent but that’s impossible.

Juicy J Apologizes For Making Music That May Have Influenced Drug Use

“I’m gonna delete the tweets I’m a OG I only want y’all to soak up good energy from me even tho I try to tell y’all about real life situations nobody gets it & I understand I’m a weed head too, sometimes when high you won’t get it as quick.”

Juicy appears to have more of a conscience these days. In the wake of Juice Wrld’s death last December, he apologized to anyone he may have inspired to do drugs.

Juice Wrld, who died on December 8 at Chicago’s Midway Airport, took a fatal combination of oxycodone and codeine. His official cause of death was ruled an accidental overdose by the Cook County Medical Examiner in January.

Source: Hip Hop DX