Joey Bada$$ Admires Mural Of Him In Brooklyn: 'I Got REAL LIFE Trophy's In The Hood I'm From'

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All the accolades in the world mean nothing to Joey Bada$$ if he doesn’t get love in the city that made him.

On Tuesday (June 16), the Wu-Tang: An American Saga star shared a video to Instagram of a mural that artist Sidka painted of him in his hometown of Brooklyn. Noting the painting has been up for a few years now, Joey expressed his appreciation for being recognized at home and said it’s all that really matters.

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“Fuck a Grammy fuck a VMA, fuck all that shit that the white man try to give you to validate your dopeness,” he wrote in the caption. “I got REAL LIFE Trophy’s in the hood I’m from, that’s the best roses you can get. Hometown love, and btw this is not new this has been here for ATLEAST 3 years and it blows my mind every time I see it… Name a rapper with a MURAL in his OWN CITY that’s STILL ALIVE… I’ll wait. This what I do this for… my community. y’all can keep the other shit I know I’m SUPER VALID.”

He also revealed he has new music on the way.

“Btw I’m shooting a video today so that gotta mean new music sooner than soon,” he wrote at the end of the post.

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The ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ rapper previously spoke about the music he’s working on in an interview with Complex last month. Though he didn’t reveal much, he did let fans know not to expect a long album.

“The thing with this project is everyone’s going to be satisfied, and not in a way where it’s too many things on the menu,” he said. “I’m definitely not that type. You come to my restaurant, motherfucker, it’s like 10 options. I hate when motherfuckers put out an album longer than 14 songs. Nobody wants to fucking listen to that.”

Source: Hip Hop DX