Ja Rules Laughs Off Fyre Festival On New Single "For Your Real Entertainment"

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Ja Rule has found more humor in the Fyre Festival situation on his new single “For Your Real Entertainment.”

Rule sampled the Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh classic “The Show” on the biting track, explaining his side of the story. He notably showed little remorse for the festivalgoers.

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“The fest — the festival is on fire/We don’t need no water, make that motherfucker hotter/Hotter than the sun, but it wasn’t that/Show of hands if you got your money back/Just playing, I got sued for that/100 mil to be exact,” he raps.

Rule even took a swipe at the event producer Andy King’s infamous admission from the Netflix documentary FYRE.

“Andy King, you’re on, what the fuck is going?/You about to give this man fellatio for some Avian/Come on, that’s way beyond the job description/That’s an addiction to sucking dick isn’t it, admit it,” Ja raps.

He also pleaded his innocence in the whole scandal while making a slave reference at the end.

“In the people’s court, baby, they’ll hang ya like their ancestors/Full sabotage, it ain’t fraud,” he raps.

The track premiered a few weeks after the veteran rapper was cleared of all charges in a $100 million lawsuit filed by festivalgoers.

Stream Ja’s “For Your Real Entertainment” above.

Source: Hip Hop DX