Gucci Mane Hits SantaCon As East Atlanta Santa

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New York, NY – Christmas came early as Gucci Mane brought his East Atlanta Santa persona to the streets of New York.

Gucci was seen walking around the Big Apple in a full-length white fur coat and Santa hat during the 2019 SantaCon in a video posted on Instagram.

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“Strolling NYC!” he wrote in the caption. “All the Girls Gangster.”

With the streets filled with SantaCon participants, Gucci strolled by his fellow Santas. Fans shouted at him on the street while some onlookers were caught off guard by his presence.

At one point, Gucci posed for the videographer, just long enough to flex his huge diamond watch.

Guwop’s persona has taken on a life of its own since debuting on the 2014 mixtape East Atlanta Santa. Since then, Gucci has released two more projects with the moniker: East Atlanta Santa 2: The Night Guwop Stole X-Mas and The Return of East Atlanta Santa.

Gucci recently released his 15th album Woptober II in October. He also began a partnership with his namesake, the Gucci brand, with a campaign and commercial for the Gucci Cruise collection.

Source: Hip Hop DX