Thundercat Talks Mac Miller's Impact On One-Year Anniversary Of His Death

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Los Angeles, CA – When Mac Miller departed this earth on September 7, 2018, he left a massive void in the lives of his friends, family and fans.

The tragic news hit Thundercat like a ton of bricks. The two longtime collaborators were scheduled to take off on a sizable tour together in support of Miller’s Swimming album later that week.

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But, of course, that never happened. Miller was found unresponsive in his Studio City home, the apparent victim of a drug overdose.

Now a year later, the man allegedly responsible for selling Miller those drugs, Cameron James Pettit, is in jail and being charged in connection to his death.

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Thundercat took to Twitter on Saturday (September 7) and revealed Miller’s death helped him with his alcoholism, something he’d been fighting for the past 15 years.

“I didn’t know how comfortable I would be with sharing personal stuff about me with you, but here it goes,” he began. “For the last almost 15 years of my life I was a raging alcoholic. I watched a lot of things in my life crumble in different ways and I used to drink a lot to cope with the pain as I’m sure most do.

“I’m saying this to say that other than once in which will almost be a full year, I haven’t touched alcohol. I feel like even through the sadness of losing Mac, he changed my life. I know you guys may have noticed a bit of weight. I fell that was a lot of pain and alcohol I was carrying around with me.”

The Los Angeles-bred bass impresario also shared a story about Miller and how the NPR Tiny Desk concert came to be.

“Well, that @nprmusic tiny desk was as special as you would think it was,” he said. I LITERALLY flew into dc while I was in the middle of a tour myself in Europe to do that with him. We performed, and I hopped right back on a plane afterwards.

“so when he turns around and looks at me and laughs after I say ‘thank you,’ it was really genuinely because he was trippin that I just showed up to do that and leave. but it was proof that I would have done just about anything for him lol.”

Thundercat — who contributed to 2018’s Swimming, 2015’s GOOD: AM, 2014’s Faces and 2013’s Live From Space — explained that was just how they rolled.

“I’m happy I did show up because I’m happy someone caught a snapshot of us in a nutshell,” he added. “And this is one of my last and lasting impressions of someone that was so close to my heart.

“And on this day, I was coming home to shoot the video for what’s the use with him when I got the horrible news. The night prior. Before he went to sleep, I got the chance to FaceTime him and call him and send him off to sleep and tell him I love him. I’m happy I did.”

Flying Lotus, Juicy J and countless others are also paying their respects on social media.

Check out some of those below.

Source: Hip Hop DX