Ludacris Hits The Studio With Timbaland For 10th Album

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Ludacris is back in the studio with acclaimed producer Timbaland, who helped him craft hits such as “Rollout (My Business).” The two are working on Luda’s 10th solo album, which prompted the veteran rapper/actor to reflect on his career in a video posted on Instagram.

“It’s the 20th year anniversary for Back For The First Time next year,” Luda said. “Back For The First Time came out in October of 2000. So, this will be album number 10 for me and year number 20. That’s really the inspiration of kinda going where not too many artists have gone before. Being in the elite number of individuals that just have even gotten to double digits in albums is out of this world.

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He added, “When I think about I’ve done nine albums … I don’t even know all of them by heart at this time. I kinda over exceeded my expectations and that’s any rapper’s dream, man. In every rapper’s minds, we kinda all have a sense of maybe how many albums we want to do, until we go to the next phase or next stage in our life or do something different. And so for me, I’m one of those people able to live out the dreams of what most people I feel like the two top tier dreams are: rapper/rock star and movie star. Humbly speaking, man, I’ve been able to experience both. I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed.”

Luda then discussed his relationship with Timbaland, noting the producer’s pivotal role in his career.

“Tim was the first person that really believed in me, along with Jermaine Dupri and Organized Noize,” he said. “But in terms of really the very first person, [he] came to the radio station in Atlanta when I was working there. Timbaland was the first person who was like, ‘Who is that?’

“And then [I] got on ‘Phat Rabbit’ and got on Tim’s Bio. Do your history, Google that. He’s the first person. So, to be back in the studio with him at this moment in time — for this juncture and this particular moment that is about to be monumental for me — is amazing.”

Timbaland also shared a clip of Luda’s studio speech via Instagram and added his own message in the caption.

“After 20 years, the love of creating music hasn’t faded,” Timbo wrote. “Much respect to my brotha @ludacris. We are working on something special for y’all.”

Source: Hip Hop DX