CupcakKe Hospitalized After Threatening To Commit Suicide

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Chicago, IL – Fans of Chicago rapper CupcakKe (real name Elizabeth Eden Harris) were justifiably alarmed on Monday (January 7) after she flatly stated she was planning to kill herself.

“Im about the commit suicide,” the tweet read.

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The single tweet resulted in an onslaught of support and concern, with over 10,000 people commenting on her situation. Eventually, the Chicago police were sent to her home to conduct a welfare check.

Comedian Elijah Daniel was providing updates for her fans throughout the evening and assured them she was getting the help she needs.

According to the BBC, Chicago Police transported the 21-year-old artist to a local hospital for a “mental evaluation.”

Later that evening, CupcakKe reposted the tweet to Instagram, thanking everyone for their support.

“Thank you for everything y’all have done for me,” she wrote in the caption. “I really appreciate it.”

CupcakKe’s disturbing tweet elicited encouraging words from unlikely sources, including comedian Kathy Griffin who said, “No ma’am, not on our watch. Keep living. You got the stuff & we got your back.”

CupcakKe has been honest about her struggles with mental health in both her music and online. Last August, she shared openly about what she was experiencing.

“So I wasn’t gone say nothing but I try to be as positive as possible but I just want to say I’m at a very low & depressed point in my life,” she wrote. “I didn’t realize it until I went 4 days without eating. I kn this may not make sense but food made me happy, people made me happy also.

While CupcakKe is currently safe, anyone having thoughts of suicide should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go online at for help.

Source: Hip Hop DX