The Game Buries Meek Mill Beef

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Instagram – The Game was evidently in a reflective mood when he hit up the ‘Gram in the early hours of Monday (December 3). Along with video footage of a Meek Mill performance, Game looked back on their past beef and offered his support to the recently freed Philly MC.

“Had beef wit a nigga that could’ve ended in bloodshed either way,” he wrote. “We had differences but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music. As young African American men we grew up in similar situations where a lifespan for us was 21 years of age & that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we come from think we’ll never make it to.

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“I say all that to say, life is short & the day after @meekmill got out of jail, he called me & we talked for an hour..not about the beef but new beginnings & what the future holds for us seasoned hip hop artists. This was a few months back & my nigga has done everything he said he would do in the conversation we had.”

Game ended his post on a supportive note.

“I never wished jail on you & I was genuinely happy when you got released,” he concluded. “I said it over the phone & I’ll say it again.. ‘Welcome Home.’ #Championships I support it & everything else hip hop: #Growth #LoveIsLove.”


The two rap heavyweights’ issues started in 2016. In an old interview with SiriusXM, Game explained how a bottle of Rose he’d gifted Meek and a little piece of advice sparked the entire thing.

“What happened was we was in the club,” he explained. “It was Meek’s first time back in L.A. since his whole house arrest and he couldn’t move. Meek leaves the club, then an hour later, Sean Kingston gets robbed, knocked in the head. [They] took his jewelry, ran through his crew so we left. Later, Sean Kingston called me 15 minutes after that and he was like ‘Game, that’s fucked up. Meek told me you set me up.’”

Detectives eventually questioned Game about his involvement in the incident, ultimately kicking off years of back-and-forth disses.

“I privied you [Meek] to what was going on in the city so you could cover your ass and just be aware,” he said. “Then you went and turned that into something else.”

With that situation in the rearview, both artists can get back to focusing on building their relationship and simply let bygones be bygones.

Source: Hip Hop DX