Plies Calls For More Politicians — And Fewer Rappers

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All of Plies’ 6 million-plus Instagram followers know the bulk of his NC-17 public service announcements are to be taken in jest.

But in light of the Kanye West turning the political and musical worlds upside and down and inside out, the shock jock Florida rapper is making his thoughts loud and clear without the word “pwussy.”

“I know this may not be one of the most popular posts I ever posted but it’s just something I wanted to say,” the 41-year-old platinum-selling artist began. “To all the parents, to the youth, to the adults, I feel we don’t need no more rappers, entertainers and athletes. If that’s your passion and that’s your talent, trust me — by all means — you should chase that. But I feel if we ever gonna close this gap out here man, we gonna have to start raising more politicians.”

Hip Hop has been a political conductor for the urban voice since virtually its inception but few people would go out on a limb to say rappers are the most qualified individuals to outline specifics within its respective culture. West, for instance, has been recently accused of not reading books.

And while Plies didn’t stand on ceremony and pretend to know the answers or solutions, he did come to the conclusion that raising awareness from an early age is a viable start.

“The reason why I say that is because politicians dictate how we live our lives and they dictate all the rules and regulations that we live by,” he continued. “So you can be a millionaire/zillionaire — it don’t matter. You will forever live by the rules and the regulations set forth by the politicians. Most of these politicians were born in the 40s and 50s, and they only see life through one set of lens. And if you ain’t in that scope, you will forever be left out. So until we start raising more politicians, I feel that’s the only way we close the gap. Not only that, we gotta start owning more things of value — that really mean something.

“From me to you, I just wanted to share with you. Enjoy the rest of y’all day. Double salute.”

Plies is currently doing spot tour dates in support of his latest mixtape, Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 3.

Source: Hip Hop DX