KXNG Crooked Announces Slaughterhouse Departure

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KXNG Crooked has cut ties with Slaughterhouse. The West Coast lyricist revealed he’s left the supergroup, which hasn’t released an album since 2012’s Welcome To Our House.

“I’m no longer a part of Slaughterhouse,” he said in a video uploaded on Instagram. “I’m no longer a part of that collective. It ain’t no beef. It’s all love. I wish them dudes nothing but success. I mean that. Ain’t no problems with Shady. I love Shady … What they do for me and what they continue to do for me, I’m very appreciative.”

Slaugterhouse’s inactivity as a group prompted Crooked to officially announced his departure. The veteran MC laughed when discussing the collective’s long-rumored Glass House album, saying he’d retweet it if it ever drops.

“I’ve been sober for two years,” he noted. “Let me tell you a secret. Sober Crook likes to rap. Group ain’t rapping no more and that’s fine. It was fun while it lasted. Glass House, I have no clue. All I can tell you [is] it exists. If it comes out, I’ll retweet it. Other than that, it’s all love. Everybody who supported me in Slaughterhouse, thank you.”

The future of Slaughterhouse has been bleak since Joe Budden stepped away from rap and carved out a new career as an online personality. Last year, the inability to release Glass House prompted some public disputes between the group members.

Source: Hip Hop DX