"Atlanta" Actor Says Donald Glover Went All In For "Teddy Perkins" Role

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Those watching Atlanta on Friday night (April 6) might have noticed the character the episode revolved around — Teddy Perkins — looked like Michael Jackson had risen from the dead. Not only that, Perkins carried the same mannerisms as Donald Glover, raising suspicions it was actually the show’s co-creator donned in whiteface.

Lo and behold, Perkins was played by Glover who dipped himself in white makeup for the role.

Fellow Atlanta actor Derrick Haywood confirmed the news to Vulture, explaining, “Initially, I had no idea that Teddy Perkins was actually played by Donald Glover. Not only did Glover play Teddy, he transformed into Teddy on set, staying in character as the shady figure – pasty makeup, wig, high-pitched voice and all – between scenes.”

“The director [Hiro Murai] called ‘Teddy’ over [on set] and said, ‘Let’s see what Teddy thinks,’” he continues. “I’m like, ‘Okay, who is this Teddy guy and why is his opinion so important?’ When I say this guy was in character the whole time, it was just amazing the commitment he brought. We were calling him Teddy, he acted as Teddy – there was no Donald on set whatsoever.”

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Source: Hip Hop DX