Bizzy Bone Blasts Big Boy For Allowing Migos' G.O.A.T. Claim

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Migos sat down with Big Boy TV for an interview last Friday (January 26) where Offset made a comment declaring they were “the biggest group ever in Hip Hop.” Rather than argue with the Atlanta trio, host Big Boy let it ride.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Bizzy Bone evidently took issue with that. In a video uploaded earlier this week, the 41-year-old MC went off on Big Boy, blasting him for letting them stake that claim and pointing out media was to blame.

“You’re all in the position to be like, ‘Y’all niggas do kind of sound like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, so what do the Migos think of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony?’ None of you niggas have asked them that. What, y’all bitch made? Y’all scared? Y’all hoes niggas? None of you interviewing muthafuckas ask ’em that? None of y’all?

“So that ain’t got nothing to do with them little niggas,” he continues. “They don’t know anything other than what the muthafuckas in the position to be like this is real Hip Hop tells them. You can’t expect for these niggas to respect Nas if y’all don’t! You niggas don’t respect Nas, how the fuck is Lavar Ball going to respect it? It’s y’all. Y’all the problem!”

The thuggish ruggish rap legend went on to say that most rappers avoid working with him for fear he’ll outshine them.

“It [rapping] ain’t going to stop until I’m done muthafuckas, until I feel like breathing,” he says. “Went up to the homie DJ D-Wrek — years ago — the nigga that worked with Nick Cannon.

“That nigga slid up on me and said, ‘Let me tell you something Biz,” he continued. “He said, ‘Niggas in this industry is afraid of you. They know what you can do. They know you dope as fuck. They dare not get on a track with because you are going to eat them alive.’ Alive. Niggas don’t want that kind of heat.”

In a second video, Bizzy reasserts he and the rest of his Bone Thugs brethren have been doing this since way before Migos ever came along.

“1991. It’s documented bitch!” he says.

Bizzy wasn’t alone in his sentiments. Turk of Hot Boys also chimed in on Big Boy’s Migos interview earlier this week, saying, “For a nigga to say they the best group ever – not the best group right now that’s doing they thing – but the best group ever, man that’s some real disrespectful-ass, foul-ass shit right there.”

He added, “I wouldn’t be right, me being in a group that was big, that niggas emulate to this day, including the muthafuckin’ Migos.”

Watch Migos’ original comments below and Bizzy’s responses above.


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