Jean Grae & Quelle Chris Announce Joint Album "Everything's Fine"

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Jean Grae and Quelle Chris got engaged in December. Now, the couple is prepping for a collaborative album titled Everything’s Fine.

“We have a dickhead for a president, and before our eyes, racial, religious, and sexual identity rights are moving backwards,” Quelle Chris said in a press release. “Money is still a thing (I’m waiting for Star Trek life to start). There’s war, your kids may be sick, but if someone randomly asks ‘How’s it going?’ most people will say ‘Fine.’”

The upcoming LP features 15 tracks with guest appearances by Your Old Droog, Anna Wise, Denmark Vessey and a multitude of comedians. Acclaimed comic Hannibal Buress is featured on the duo’s lead single “OhSh,” which premiered on Tuesday (January 23) in conjunction with the album announcement.

“This album is full of our minds. Our hearts. Our love for production, and words. flow and a lot of musicality,” Grae added. “We don’t approach topics, issues, writing, or making beats in the same way. I’m harsh, blunt, quick, technical, I arrange classically and play more than I sample. I make joints with 80 tracks. I’m layers upon layers upon layers. Quelle is patient, he’s kinder. More loose and minimalistic. He makes sounds work together that shouldn’t fucking work. How? I have no idea. These are dreams within dreams.”

Grae and Chris’ new album is scheduled to drop on March 30 via Mello Music Group. Check out the cover art and tracklist for Everything’s Fine below.

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris Collab Album

1. Everything’s Fine
2. My Contribution To This Scam
3. OhSh f. Hannibal Buress
4. House Call f. Big Tone, Anna Wise & Jonathan Hoard
5. Don’t Worry It’s Fine f. John Hodgman & Michael Che
6. Gold Purple Orange
7. Peacock
8. Doing Better Than Ever f. Ashok “Dap” Kondabolu
9. The Smoking Man f. Denmark Vessey
10. Breakfast of Champions
11. Scoop of Dirt f. Your Old Droog
12. Zero
13. Everything’s Still Fine f. Nick Offerman
14. Waiting For The Moon f. Mosel & Anna Wise
15. River f. Anna Wise

Source: Hip Hop DX