"Everyday Struggle" Co-Hosts Address Joe Budden’s Exit

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New York City, NY – Following Joe Budden’s hostile departure from Complex’s popular Hip Hop talk show Everyday Struggle, fellow co-hosts DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis have spoken publicly for the first time to offer their thoughts on the situation.

Budden, whose official exit was confirmed on Tuesday evening (December 19), claimed Complex attempted to generate more money off the back of the show’s success without appropriately compensating him.

Akademiks says that despite exploring all possible avenues, there’s nothing more he can do to preserve the show’s current structure.

“I wish I could solve all issues,” he wrote. “I wish everyday struggle could me and joe n nadeska.. I’ve asked.. I’ved tried to explore every possibility … unfortunately that’s not that case. It’s sad but that’s what I’m faced with.”

Alexis, who unlike Budden and Akademiks is full-time staffed employee of Complex as a Senior Producer, offered a more cryptic take via Twitter.

“Turbulence is the price you pay for flyin’ high,” Alexis said, quoting a line from “Amen (Intro),” the opening track off CyHi the Prynce’s new album.

She added, “Looking through my comments, amazed at some people’s inability to show love & gratitude for a person, without attacking & degrading others in the same breath. I’ve learned waay too much about humans this yr. It’s made me numb. But also given me a lot of strength. Such is life.”

Source: Hip Hop DX