Westside Gunn Reminds Fans There’s No Griselda Beef With TDE Or Dreamville

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Westside Gunn isn’t holding back from what he or the Griselda team has done in 2020.

The prolific crew has continued to keep serving fans new material, including Conway’s recently released From A King To A God project. After Elliott Wilson shared a clip of the Griselda team on the Rap Radar Podcast, Gunn retweeted the video and offered a little reminder for fans.

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“It was ALOT of controversy after this interview they tried to make it seem like I was starting beef w/ TDE & Dreamville when in actuality I had &have nothing but [love] for them niggas..since then Bro dropped 3x I’ve Dropped 2x, Benny bout to drop then I’m droppingagain was I wrong”

Gunn didn’t believe there was any offense by his original words on the podcast in 2019. When the topic of whether or not Griselda belonged among the top groups was brought up, Gunn pointed out their output compared to other labels that year.

“All of this in one year And we not mentioned in this one year and we not mentioned as the top group,” he said. “Like, you’re still going to mention a TDE, you’re going to mention a Dreamville. Dreamville or TDE didn’t do it. They’re incredible but they didn’t do it. That’s the Buffalo shit that I’m talkin’ about. If you’re going to say TDE was a powerhouse of ’19, but where is ScHoolboy and Kendrick and Ab and everybody’s projects? That consistently had to do it every other month and haven’t slacked one bar?”

He continued, “If you’re gonna name the TDEs and the Dreamvilles then what the fuck is Griselda then?”

The comments weren’t taken lightly, especially from the TDE camp who promoted they’d been working for a decade and it wasn’t a race to be No. 1.

“Niggas gotta compete with legacy at this point,” TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson tweeted before later deleting. “Lol. Watch this next 10.”

TDE’s longtime mixer Ali simply put, “Niggas be mad.”

Westside Gunn Names His Top 5 Rappers & They All Have Something In Common

When it comes to crew love, Gunn doesn’t shy away from representing Buffalo and his Griselda teammates to the fullest. On Monday (September 7), he decided to inform the world of who his five favorite rappers were and to no one’s surprise — they’re all signed to Griselda.

“My fav top 5 rappers in the world is @WHOISCONWAY @BennyBsf @BoldyJames @ArmaniCaesar and me #theALMIGHTY #GXFR,” Gunn said in a tweet.

Gunn’s still prepping his solo debut, Who Made The Sunshne but pushed it back following the death of his longtime DJ and friend DJ Shay.

Source: Hip Hop DX