50 Cent Rips Irv Gotti For Bragging About 'Blocking' His Record Deals Until He 'Fell Into' Dr. Dre & Eminem's Lap

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Murder Inc. co-founder Irv Gotti recently sat down for a video interview with Hot 107.9’s B High where he made some interesting revelations regarding his longtime foe 50 Cent.

At one point during the conversation, Gotti admitted he used to “block” Fiddy from landing record deals. He claimed he was the “hottest thing” around at the time, so he had the power to influence labels to essentially blackball the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ legend. Ultimately, it led 50 to sign with Dr. Dre and Eminem, something Gotti called a “dream situation.”

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“I blocked the n-gga until he fell into Em and Dre’s lap,” he said in the clip. “Labels would call me and I was so hot, I was just the hottest thing, I’d be like, ‘Yo, if you fuck with him, I ain’t fuckin’ with you and they’d be like, ‘We ain’t fuckin’ with him then Gotti, forget it.’”

Naturally, 50 had something to say about Gotti’s comments. On Friday (September 11), the Power mogul shared a clip of the Gotti interview to his Instagram account and told his 26.1 million followers, “Now everybody knows why i act the way i act. These sucka ass ni66a’s be out here working against you, instead of working on their own shit. now look at them, all fucked up. B!tch ass ni66as.”

Gotti and 50 have routinely gone at it on social media for the past several years. In May, 50 reminded Gotti he still owed Black Mafia Family kingpin Southwest T and his brother Big Meech some money as news of their impending prison release started making the rounds.

“yo @irvgotti187 you best be coming up with that bread you borrowed from Big T in Encino you sucker ass nigga,” 50 wrote in a since-deleted post. “you didnt go see him or put nothing on his books. yeah he home now so you can stretch out to him or get stretched.”

Irv Gotti Fires Back At 50 Cent: ‘Homie Is A Clown On My Dick’

Gotti fired back  at 50 and claimed, “Homie is a clown on my dick” and denied owing anyone money. He also implored people to “stop entertaining clowns,” a reference to Fiddy. After Gotti allegedly checked in with Southwest T, 50 was at it again and insisted Gotti needed to work on a “payment plan.”

Needless to say, Gotti’s latest comments regarding 50 didn’t sit well. Check out the full interview below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX