Adrien Broner Vouches For Lil Durk's Hands

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Lil Durk‘s 2020 has seen the Chicago rapper not only get his well-deserved flowers but numerous people giving him props on things outside of rap. In a recent sitdown with DJ Vlad, former multi-time boxing champion Adrien Broner recalled the time he found himself in a slapboxing matchup against Durk.

“Durk funny as shit,” the boxer said around the 2-minute mark. “Durk can fight. Durk can fight his ass off.”

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The two slap boxed back in 2018 and while everyone who spectated believed that Broner would easily handle Durk in a battle of fast hands, an upset took place.

“The whole thing was, he said, ‘I can’t tap his face.’ Durk told Vlad back in 2018. “So when we slapboxing, he said, ‘Hell nah! Hell nah! You ain’t slap my face!’ And I said, ‘Damn, you gon’ sit here and lie to my fuckin’ face?’ Then they were like, ‘We on live!’ Then I was like, he probably sayin’ that cause we on live.”

Lil Durk Is Trying To Out-Troll Tekashi 6ix9ine

Durk’s hands are the only thing being validated in 2020. Aside from his feature on Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later,” the Chicago MC is also spotlighted on “Til The War Is Won,” a track from Nas’ recently released King’s Disease album.

He’s also set his sights on continuing the city of Chicago’s war against Tekashi 6ix9ine. After the rainbow-haired rapper visited Chicago and “paid respects” to Durk’s fallen cousin OTF NuNu, Durk took to Instagram to confirm that his next album, The Voice, would arrive on September 4, the same day as 6ix9ine’s Tattle Tales release.

Underneath 6ix9ine’s IG post Durk wrote, “Damn the feds in Chicago. Everybody go inside.”

At least we know, according to Broner that if Durk was to ever throw hands with 6ix9ine, the boxer has his money on Durk.

Source: Hip Hop DX