Boosie Badazz Reveals Process To Reclaim His Deleted Instagram Account

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Boosie Badazz is still mourning the loss of his beloved Instagram account — and wants Mark Zuckerberg to reinstate it.

The Baton Rouge rapper’s account was deactivated on Thursday (August 13), prompting him to blast the Facebook founder — aka “Mark Zuckerberger” as Boosie calls him — and demand he be placed back on the platform.

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In a video shared on social media Saturday (August 15), Boosie once more pleaded with Zuckerberg after learning why he was removed from IG and displayed the steps needed in order to have his account restored.

“Mark Zuckerberger, I need to get back on Instagram,” Boosie says in the clip. “I just got an email they said I had some sexual content. Playa, if I fucked up, I fucked up. My bad! If it popped off, it wasn’t my fault, but I’ma take my lick. They just sent me a thang for me to take a picture with and my Instagram still ain’t back on.

I just took a picture, this is my number. I’m ready Mark, I’m ready to get back on. I got people money, I gotta do Instagram drops. Whatever I did, my bad. I need to get back on Instagram. Do NOT do this to 2020!”

Boosie being taken down mirrors a similar ban Tory Lanez experienced earlier this year. The popular social media platform flagged his account for numerous violations of its sexual content policy. Lanez was reinstated after promising to offer a more sanitized version of his popular Quarantine Live Instagram Live series.

Boosie Badazz Screams At Mark Zuckerberg After His Instagram Gets Deleted

Still, Boosie has been warned by Instagram previously for antics he displayed on his account, including offering money to female fans to show their breasts and infamously announcing he’d pay anyone $1,000 to perform a sex act on the platform. He told VladTV in April he was “on parole” and that he had one strike left.

“I’m on parole,” he said. “I’m on six months parole with Instagram. They sent me emails like ‘One more time … one more pussy … you show pussy one more time it’s over.’ So I go on my IG every time and say ‘No pussy. No pussy’ because … you know they stopped Tory Lanez? I was next bro. I had to turn it down.”

Boosie even decided to pivot to OnlyFans, using their subscription service to promote some of his wildest content, but for him — Instagram is the real moneymaker.

“I’m eating off that, Vlad,” Boosie said. “I get paid $7,000 just to post people on my IG Live, just to wear they T-shirt. So I need that. You want a video drop? $10,000, $7,000 easy. I’m hustling. I need my Instagram.”

Source: Hip Hop DX