Snoop Dogg Surprises Atlantic City Mayor On FaceTime To Talk Business

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Snoop Dogg made the day of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. when he called up the politician via FaceTime on Sunday (August 9). The Doggfather wasn’t just reaching out to say hello though, letting it be known he had investment plans in the works.

“I’m coming to the state,” Snoop told Small. “I’m coming to the city. We’re looking to try to invest in some real estate and do some big things out there with you. Just wanted to get acquainted with you. Let you know, hear it from me face to face.”

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The D-O-Double-G got in touch with the mayor through New Jersey real estate developer Cesar Piña. While speaking to Small, the veteran MC posed an idea about connecting the Atlantic City leader with the mayor of Inglewood.

“I’m in the city of Inglewood, right?” Snoop explained. “And we have a Black mayor out here as well and I’d like for you to meet him so we can start a mayor’s coalition. That way you brothers will start to know each other, start working with each other.”

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In an interview with NBC affiliate WCAU, Small said Snoop is his favorite rapper of all-time. He also expressed his excitement about what the West Coast legend could bring to his city.

“What the city of Atlantic City lacks — obviously — is family fun, entertainment,” Small noted. “We look forward to Snoop Dogg and any other person that wants to do business here in Atlantic City.”

Check out clips from their conversation via WCAU below.

Source: Hip Hop DX