FBG Duck’s Mother Asks His Hood Not To Retaliate Over His Murder

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Chicago, IL – Days following the murder of her son FBG Duck, the slain rapper’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, is pleading for no more bloodshed in Chicago and that no one sought retribution for her child’s death.

In a press conference on Friday (August 7), Weekly stood at the scene of her son’s murder and urged that there be no retaliatory shootings.

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“I am here today to ask for peace in the city of Chicago,” Weekly said. “I am asking that his fans, friends of my son, to please not seek retaliation in the death of my son … As his mother, I want to say please put the guns down so that the generation of tomorrow can grow and live a long and healthy life.”

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Duck was shot and killed in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood on Tuesday (August 4). He was shopping for a birthday present for his young son when gunmen pulled up on him and opened fire. Duck’s brother, FBG Brick, was shot and killed in 2017.

Resurfaced FBG Duck Interview Reveals He Knew His Life Was Marked

While some such as Famous Dex mourned the slain rapper, Duck had a feeling that his time on Earth would be short. In a resurfaced interview with DJ Vlad, Duck confessed that he knew people were out to kill him and wanted to stay out of trouble.

“Of course I know muthafuckas wanna kill me,” he says in the clip. “I’m a very disrespectful person. I know what I did in my lifetime. They don’t know because they don’t be out here with me. They don’t be on these blocks. You feel me? So they don’t know.”

He added, “Can’t nobody tell you shit about me like I could tell you about me. So it’s like, why would I put myself in a place where I know I ain’t supposed to be? So it’s like if I put myself in that place and I know I ain’t supposed to be there, then I know I’m looking for trouble.”

Source: Hip Hop DX