Boosie Badazz Issues Multiple Donkeys Of The Day To Latest Gucci Store Crowd

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Boosie Badazz still has an issue with people spending their weekends shopping at the Gucci store.

On Saturday (August 8), the Baton Rouge rap legend found himself at the mall onlooking a crowd (of mostly women wearing) waiting in a long line outside the high-end fashion boutique.

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“Look at they stupid ass in front of Gucci,” Boosie yells loudly in the clip. “Them people do not like y’all Black asses and y’all REAL Black.”

He added, “Yee-haw! Ride that donkey! Yeehaw! Go spend all ya money, ya fuckin’ donkeys.”

The move isn’t the first time Boosie has publicly chastised people for lining up to shop at Gucci. In June he called a group of individuals for lining up outside of the store and repeatedly told them, “Gucci don’t like black people.”

“Y’all stupid as a mu’fucka,” Boosie said. “Gucci don’t like Black people, but y’all still in a line. Y’all stupid as a mu’fucka. Stupid as a mu’fucka, all y’all.”

Boosie Badazz Calls Out Black People In Gucci Store Line: ‘Y’all Stupid As A Mu’fucka’

Boosie’s issue with Gucci dates back to 2019 when the brand came under fire for releasing an $890 “blackface” sweater and other racist items. Boosie said he was done wearing Gucci and had stopped wearing his Gucci headband.

The Gucci boycott was co-signed by others such as Waka Flocka Flame who called out people for supporting the brand alluding to the idea that being conscious of the times and wearing Gucci don’t go hand in hand.

“@officialboosieig One of the realist!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “How you woke wearing a Gucci shirt.”

The high-end fashion brand has done various amounts of damage control in the wake of the “blackface” sweater controversy. In June, the brand announced a no-brainer partnership with Gucci Mane after he initially starred in their Gucci Cruise collection in 2018.

Source: Hip Hop DX