Vado Apologizes For His Half Of Violent Attack But States Tahiry Was Wrong Too

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Vado has issued an apology for his violent attack on Tahiry, but it comes with a caveat. After a clip of the incident from WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition went viral, the Harlem-bred rapper expressed remorse for his actions yet blamed her for provoking him.

“Nobody’s da victim we both were wrong doin me more because I’m a Man dat tried to take da better route but couldn’t once it was no apology n continuous of disrespect I lost it n went out like a Str8 Sucka,” he wrote on Instagram. “I apologize to all women once again but ladies please keep y’all hands to y’all selves #UsToo.”

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The disrespect mentioned by Vado referred to Tahiry throwing apples at him on the show. That heated interaction preceded the choking incident, which occurred during a sitdown with fellow cast members of Marriage Boot Camp.

Video of Vado grabbing Tahiry’s throat spread via social media on Wednesday (July 29). The clip going viral prompted a statement from Tahiry, who insisted the altercation wasn’t staged for reality television.

Tahiry ‘Devastated’ After Vado’s Violent Incident Goes Viral

“First let me say that I’m devastated that this will be shown for the world to see, but I fully understand that I have chosen to live my life (good… bad… and ugly) in front of the camera,” she wrote on Instagram. “Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was ‘scripted’ it is NOT!”

She added, “As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!”

View footage of Vado attacking Tahiry and their prior confrontation below.

Source: Hip Hop DX