Scarface Passionately Places U.S Coronavirus Death Blame Solely On Donald Trump

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As the death toll in the United States continues to rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump is thinking about the November 2020 presidential election. On Friday (July 31), Trump tweeted “We are going to WIN the 2020 Election, BIG! #MAGA.”

His proclamation prompted a swift response from Houston rap legend Scarface who passionately placed the coronavirus-related deaths on Trump’s shoulders.

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“Anybody that casts a vote for you is a goddamn fool,” the Geto Boys MC wrote. “You are an absolute moron. You have failed this country miserably. The blood of 152 thousand Americans on your hand you self centered lunatic. you really think people like you?? Nah.”

Scarface has every reason in the world to be outraged. In March, the 49-year-old confessed to fellow Geto Boy Willie D he’d contracted the coronavirus and genuinely feared for his life.

“This whole three weeks has been an ordeal, Will,” he said. “It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen in my life. Like I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much until it was just like hot sauce. Like your gases and shit in your stomach, yo acids, it’s hot. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, man. It was just coming up like bile, bro. I couldn’t breathe, Will.”

Scarface Tells Willie D He Has COVID-19

Face later revealed he was on dialysis due to kidney failure in the wake of his illness.

“I fought the COVID, double bilateral pneumonia and kidney failure, all in my house,” Face explained while hooked up to a blood stint to help regulate his kidneys. “This my new lifeline. I gotta change my entire diet. I gotta do dialysis four times a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all of my blood out, cleaning it, and putting it back in my body. Before the COVID, I never had kidney problems before.”

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According to the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention, there are roughly 4,405,932 cases of the novel coronavirus in the U.S. and 150,283 deaths as of Thursday (July 30). The CDC recommends wearing a mask in public and maintaining six feet of distance when around other people to slow the spread of the virus.

But the mask has turned into a political issue with some claiming it impedes on their freedom. Trump only conceded to wearing one a couple of weeks ago when visiting the Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington, where he met with wounded soldiers and health care workers.

“I’ve never been against masks,” he said. “But I do believe they have a time and a place.”

Source: Hip Hop DX