Logic Says He Shouldn't Be In Same Category As Cardi B, Polo G & More At Grammys

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Logic expressed frustration with the way Hip Hop is categorized in an interview with Hard Knock TV. The recently retired MC vented about artists getting lumped into one genre in the music industry, particularly at marquee events such as the Grammy Awards.

“That’s another thing that that really makes me sad is me, Tyler, The Creator, Cardi B, Polo G, Doja Cat, fucking we should not be in the same category at the Grammys,” he said. “I really believe that. That doesn’t mean that any one of us is superior or less than the other person, it means we all make different music. We make different music. But they just put us all together [as] Hip Hop or whatever the case may be.”

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He continued, “It’s like, yo, that’s bullshit. That’s why when I listen to a lot of the younger generation like [NLE] Choppa or DaBaby — DaBaby’s not really that young but he makes that youthful music — I’m not mad at that shit. That shit is dope. And a majority of it doesn’t have samples because that genre of Hip Hop doesn’t really sample a lot.”

In Logic’s mind, Hip Hop isn’t shown the same respect as other genres when it comes to acknowledging and branding its subgenres.

“I’m just a little upset that rock and fucking roll has rock n roll, indie rock, grunge rock, shoegazing, this this, all these fucking subgenres,” he said. “And then it’s low-key like, ‘Oh, y’all just wanna put the niggas together?’ Like I’m just gonna be real, like that’s all it is? Like you’re just gonna put it together and you’re not gonna fucking accept that we also have our subgenres within this?”

He added, “I mean, shit look at fucking techno, EDM, even in electronic music there’s so many different subgenres. And I don’t believe that we are listed the way that we should be because each of those artists are unique and in their own lane, which I think is really cool. It’s just not fair.”

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Although Logic cited the Grammys has a specific example, it’s worth noting the Recording Academy doesn’t have multiple subgenre categories for rock and electronic music either. Metal is the only subgenre of rock to have its own category at the awards ceremony while techno and EDM artists are all lumped into dance/electronic.

But the Def Jam rapper’s point highlights a debate within Hip Hop as the genre diversifies with each passing year. Tyler, The Creator was awarded Best Rap Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in January despite being less of a rapper and more of a singer on the LP. His music is also vastly different from the previous winner Cardi B, lending credence to Logic’s argument for subclassifications.

Check out the full interview with Logic above.

Source: Hip Hop DX