Quavo & Saweetie's First Date Involved Strip Clubs, Choking On Crab Cakes & A Wild Brawl

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Quavo and Saweetie have been dating for roughly two years and judging by their recent GQ interview, that’s just the beginning. The pair became a trending Twitter topic on Thursday (July 16) soon after the story was published as people finally got a sneak peek into their relationship.

As Saweetie explained during the conversation, she’d already had a crush on the Migos rapper, but Instagram played an integral role in getting them together.

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“He’s always been fine to me,” she said. “In a group chat [with friends], I would screenshot his picture and be like, ‘Damn, this nigga is fine.’”

Quavo added, “I seen her on my Explore page. I was like, ‘Damn! Who is this?’ So I did my research and I DM her. I was like, ‘How she going to call herself icy and she don’t talk to me?’ So I slid in her DM. I told her, ‘You an icy girl, you need a glacier boy.’”

After exchanging a couple of carefully selected emojis, Quavo mustered up the courage to ask her out and invited her to a backyard get-together, which she said “looked like [the video to Tupac’s] ‘I Get Around.’”

Anyone familiar with the video will recall lots of scantily-clad women fawning over the late Hip Hop legend. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a prime spot for two people to get to know each other.

“That wasn’t my environment,” he said and then admitted she “ghosted” him because of it, although she insisted she was simply “trying to play hard to get.”

In an effort to make it up to her, Quavo then proposed a real first date that ended up like an episode of Donald Glover’s popular FX series Atlanta. 

After convincing her to come to Atlanta, Quavo wined and dined her at his favorite steak house Stoney River, where he nearly choked to death on a crab cake. Escaping with his life, he then took her to Quality Control Music headquarters for a tour of the studio before ending up at the legendary strip club Magic City. As $100 bills were flying, a fight broke out and they lost each other in the melee (sort of).

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“I didn’t know if it was on some gang shit, so it was like, ‘Let’s get to the car!’ ” he recalled. “All this time, I forget I’m having a date! She catches up and cussed me out in front of Magic City.” He then revealed the night ended on an intimate high note much to Saweetie’s embarrassment.

“Whaaaaat! Brooooooo! Whaaaaat! I could fight you right now,” she said, to which Quavo replied, “And we ain’t look back since.”

Twitter has exploded with reactions to the story. Check some of them out below.

Source: Hip Hop DX