Vince Staples Rolls Out Glizzy Merch While Defending His D.C. Credentials

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Vince Staples has rolled out a new merch line that capitalizes on the recent Glizzy craze. 

On Friday (July 3), the Long Beach native unveiled what he’s dubbed the “Glizzygate T-Shirt,” a white tee with a hotdog graphic and the words “Vote Or Throat” underneath. On the back, it reads, “Vince Staples 2020.”

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The term “Glizzy” is a slang term used in the DMV area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia). It can either mean Glock or … a hot dog. One of its earliest appearances in Hip Hop dates back to 1999 when Big Pun used it in the song “It’s So Hard,” but it’s also a term used to describe the popular barbecue item in the District.

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Not long after Staples announced the Glizzy-inspired merch, he made sure to let his fans know he was qualified to use the term on a t-shirt. When a fan tweeted, “U know the DMV loves u Vince,” he replied, “Trust I know cause I go to Horace and Dickies they always got fish. I can’t speak for these other niggas.”

Horace & Dickies is a “seafood for the soul” eatery in D.C. The first 12th Street Carryout arrived in March 1990 in the heart of the District’s H Street Northeast corridor, better known as the Atlas District. It’s apparently a hot spot for Staples when he’s on tour.

Staples hasn’t dropped a proper studio album since 2018’s FM!, but he returned last December with a new single called “Hell Bound.”

In between time, he’s been working on The Vince Staples Show. which he launched last August. The series focuses on “Staples’ music and unfiltered personality in short videos set in some of the wild situations Staples finds himself in.” The first episode debuted a previously unreleased track called “So What?”

Check out it out below and cop the t-shirts here. 

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Source: Hip Hop DX