Russ Buys His Mom A Bentley & Announces He's Independent Again

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Russ is no longer part of the Columbia Records roster. The multi-platinum selling rapper/producer revealed he’s an independent artist again on Tuesday (June 30).

“Here to officially announce that I’m back 100% independent,” he declared on Instagram. “Y’all know what that means right.”

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Russ also mocked some of the reactions to the post’s photo, having fun with claims of being in the Illuminati and detailing the actual backstory behind the picture.

“He’s in the Illuminati!!!” he wrote. “Omg!!! Occult!!! Wtf!!! get outta the YouTube wormhole. It’s a damn picture lol.”

Russ explained, “Mannion thought it would be dope to mimic the back cover of shake the snow globe. That’s all. Stop being weirdos.”

In addition to announcing his return to the independent scene, Russ also showed off a lavish gift he gave his mother.


Russ Shows Young Artists Proof Owning Your Masters Pays Off

Russ signed with Columbia in 2016. He dropped three albums on the label, including January’s SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE.

A deluxe edition of SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE arrived in May. The expanded version of the LP, which added seven tracks, was Russ’ final release for Columbia.

Source: Hip Hop DX