Akademiks Says Freddie Gibbs Is 'Absolutely Irrelevant' If Jeezy Is

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Akademiks deemed Freddie Gibbs to be a nonfactor during a discussion about the Warner Records artist’s recent comments on Jeezy’s current musical prominence. In a segment for Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Akademiks argued Gibbs is also irrelevant if Jeezy no longer qualifies as relevant.

“If Jeezy is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well,” he said. “If Jeezy drop an album right now, he sell 50,000 [units] … Relevancy means is your music actually doing anything. And to be honest, other than the few people who fuck with Freddie Gibbs, what relevancy does he have?”

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Akademiks’ co-hosts Nadeska Alexis and Wayno pushed back, but the internet personality continued to be dismissive of Gibbs over his album sales history.

Although Akademiks suggested Gibbs was selling around 20,000 copies, the Indiana-bred rapper’s latest release Alfredo — a collaboration with Alchemist — sold over 30,000 copies in its first week and peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard 200.

Gibbs’ relevancy became a topic of conversation on Everyday Struggle due to remarks he made about Jeezy in an interview with Bootleg Kev. Gibbs, who was once signed to Jeezy’s CTE imprint, said his former boss had become irrelevant.

“Jeezy is musically irrelevant,” he contended. “Let’s be real, dawg. Did you listen to his last album? No you fucking didn’t. He’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant.”

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He added, “I love [Jeezy], but what you want to fight? You can’t fight me, out rap me. Any nigga that can’t out rap me or beat me up, I don’t give a fuck about.”

Listen to what Akademiks had to say above and revisit Gibbs’ words about Jeezy below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX