6LACK's '6pc Hot' EP Is A Masterwork In Music Marketing

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Atlanta, GA – Consistency keeps good artists afloat but creativity will keep them breaking through against the competition.

Especially in these unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions.

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Atlanta-based R&B maestro 6LACK has repeatedly shown his vision expands out the studio and the rollout circulating his latest EP, 6pc Hot is no exception in exemplfying his outward thinking.

When artists come off critically acclaimed albums that spawn nationwide tours and endless Twitter quotes, testing the climate with a sampler portion of musical treats has almost become an automatic rule of thumb. All things considered, September 2018 (the time drop for his last album East Atlanta Love Letter) was an eternity ago in today’s rapid-fire release industry.

The appetizer project remains true to form to 6LACK’s patented exhilarating trap vibes. Crepuscular sonics are methodically injected into the music on songs like “Float” and “Elephant In The Room,” as his controlled alto permeates the grooves — leaving female and male fans enamored alike. For extra Atlanta flavoring, the project just may serve as one of the last with a coveted, pre-$100,000 Lil Baby verse. However, music lover attention spans have understandably been pulled to the point of unraveling this year.

To give fans more for their wings, 6LACK took full advantage of the technological age the world is currently quarantined in. For starters, the EP’s cover art is an augmented reality gateway to a virtual merch store that features project-custom that even sells hot sauce because, chicken.


Atlanta locals are privy to an even greater surprise, as 6LACK partnered with Postmates and restaurant Goodfellas Pizza & Wings, a prominent food spot being brought to prominence by the crooner’s Black Business initiative. Through Sunday (June 28), customers who order the hot wings meal through Postmates will receive a free bottle of the aforementioned new hot sauce, “600 Degrees” and receive a custom 6LACK wing item for $6.

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Los Angeles fans have the opportunity to order “600 Degrees” directly to their doors through 6LACKBOX, his own interactive platform that offers file transfer serves. The 6LACKBOX now boasts updates such as voter registration tools and a contact sheet for Black businesses, and pending access to a Black author history reading list, social justice reform information and more.

Even supporters Down Under are able to get in on the action. The first 60 Australian fans will also receive a special t-shirt with orders through Butter.

6LACK also collected 25,000 addresses of prospering Black-owned businesses for an Amazon card giveaway dubbed 6LACKCARDS, which will give boosts towards financial independence.

So to recap, we have new extraordinary music, marketing and merchandise all in one swoop. By touching his home base and regions regularly frequented, 6LACK fans will be more than ready to help spread the word when his full-length album is finished, mixed and mastered.

Fellow artists — aspiring and authenticated — take notes. 6LACK not only knows how to feed his fanbase, but he’s provided them with exquisite souvenirs to enhance the experience.

Indulge in 6LACK’s 6pc Hot below.

Source: Hip Hop DX