Gucci Mane Announces A Gucci Partnership Is Imminent (Maybe)

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Atlanta, GA – After calling out luxury brand Gucci earlier this month, Gucci Mane may have turned the beef into a new deal.

On Thursday (June 24), La Flare took to Twitter to announce he’d be getting his own line within the brand. However, the end of his statement suggests the deal is merely a conversation for now.

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“It’s official I’m getting my own brand at @gucci,” he tweeted. “I hope they ain’t lying.”

The post follows a since-deleted tweet where the East Atlanta Santa 3 artist called Gucci “the most polite racist ever” as he called out his detractors.

“To all snitches and my haters and the most polite racist ever @gucci I pray y’all die of coronavirus,” Gucci wrote.

The post prompted a response from Tekashi 6ix9ine on Instagram, who commented Gucci “fell off.” The jab seemingly stemmed from Gucci’s public vow to never “snitch on nobody” following 6ix9ine’s release from prison.

While Gucci didn’t reply to the rainbow-loving rapper, he continued to tweet his label home Atlantic Records is also racist and said he’d be leaving for a new situation. Among Thursday’s tweet about the brand deal, Gucci recommitted his stance on leaving Atlantic.

“Should I go independent?” he tweeted. “They been want to censor me! So Icy Summer name of my new album dropping July 3rd announcing my new situation.”

Later that night, Gucci questioned whether he should renew his seemingly brand new contract with Gucci or go independent, and again questioned his situation with Atlantic.

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“Should I renew my contract with @gucci??????? Or go independent,” he wrote. “Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent big press conference July 3rd who should do interviews???”

It’s unclear what affect Gucci’s Atlantic departure will have on his 1017 imprint housed at the label. Artists on the roster include Atlanta-based rapper Ola Runt as well as Z Money, Yung Mal, Hoodrixh Miko and Lil Quill.

Source: Hip Hop DX