Freddie Gibbs Says Jeezy Is 'Musically Irrelevant' — But Still Looks Up To Him

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Before Freddie Gibbs became the celebrated MC he is today, he was signed to Jeezy’s label CTE World. However, their working relationship didn’t exactly end well. Upon Gibbs’ departure from the imprint in 2012, he claimed anything Jeezy said was “fake.”

During a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Gibbs admitted he was self-conscious about his career when he was on CTE but has since adopted an entirely new attitude.

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“I stopped giving a fuck who like my shit 10 years ago bro,” he said.”You know when I gave a fuck who liked my shit? When I was signed to Young Jeezy. I was like, ‘Damn man, I wonder if people like it.’ Cause he was always about that. Once I got rich, I stopped giving a fuck.

“All my people and my family around me are doing good, so I don’t really give a fuck about nothing else.”

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But Jeezy is still motivation for Gibbs. As he explained, he has the Snowman in mind when he hits the studio.

“I look up to Young Jeezy,” he continued. “Come on bro, in 2010 I could have fucked with any rapper. Yo Gotti, Rick Ross. Anybody. I looked up to all those niggas, but I really looked up to Young Jeezy. So that said, all the music I made after that, is to prove niggas wrong. To prove I was where I was supposed to be. Every day, every time I go in the booth, every project I make, I’m trying to prove somebody wrong.”

As the conversation heated up, Gibbs became more passionate about his stance on his former business partner.

“I take the adversity and use it as fuckin’ fuel,” he said.”The fact I can do that puts me above a lot of niggas. I wasn’t supposed to make it. In 2006, Interscope dropped me … Jeezy is musically irrelevant. Let’s be real, dawg. Did you listen to his last album? No you fuckin’ didn’t. He’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant.”

He then directly spoke to Jeezy, saying, “I love you, but what you want to fight? You can’t fight me, out rap me. Any nigga that can’t out rap me or beat me up, I don’t give a fuck about.”

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Following the success of the Madlib-produced masterpiece Bandana and his most recent project Alfredo with The Alchemist, Gibbs announced he’d inked a deal with Warner Music Group earlier this month. In a statement, he expressed how excited he was to work with Warner’s CEO and co-chairman Aaron Bay-Schuck.

“I’m really looking forward to partnering with Warner and working with Aaron,” Gibbs said. “He’s a young progressive label head I can openly share ideas with. It was love and respect from the first meeting and always felt right. We’re working together to take everything to another level for my day one fans as well as the people just now discovering me.”

Source: Hip Hop DX