Killer Mike Picks Apart Dree Brees' Flag Logic As Fans Blast 'RTJ4' Worldwide

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Killer Mike pointed out the hypocrisy of NFL star Drew Brees’ comments on kneeling protests during an appearance on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby. After Brees reiterated his stance that kneeling during the national anthem is “disrespecting the flag,” Mike was asked about the New Orleans Saints quarterback’s opinion.

“I would like to know what he considers disrespect because when I travel and we perform in Germany, I never see a Nazi flag,” the Run The Jewels MC said. “I don’t see streets named for Nazis because Nazis are a part of history that Germany understands was a cancer and corrupt and they’ve ridden themselves of [it].

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He continued, “Drew Brees plays in the Deep South. As we travel through the South, we see the Confederate flag everywhere abounds. So if you’re gonna tell me about the flag and disrespecting the American flag, the fact that you live in a region that they still fly the rebel flag of the Confederate flag and you don’t adamantly speak against that on a regular basis just tells me you’re protecting the way of life or what you think is right.”

At one point, the veteran rapper directly addressed Brees and chastised the Super Bowl champion.

“The American flag stands for the First Amendment and the ability to say what you feel about situations,” Mike explained. “Now, you bear the brunt of it. You may get blackballed out of the NFL, but you have the right to [protest]. So if you support and you don’t wanna see the American flag disrespected, don’t look at it on Budweiser shorts at picnics.

“Don’t look at it in bikini shots in Playboy. Don’t look at it on your favorite album covers because you think that rock band is rocking for you. Be all the way with it. You’re an intelligent football player but that was an incredibly stupid thing to say.”

Killer Mike & El-P Release ‘RTJ4’ Album Stream & Download Early Because, Of Course

Mike wrapped up his thoughts on the matter by speaking about what the American flag actually represents. He also stressed how the country was founded on violent protests, calling into question what’s really being condemned.

“I’m not gonna be so burdened with the religion that has become Americanism/nationalism that I forget the flag represents the United States Constitution,” he stated. “And the United States Constitution was written by a bunch of people who chose to protest violently in order to have a flag. They chose to rebel against a monarchy in order to stop being subjects of that monarchy. So what you interpret as disrespect is probably the most patriotic thing happening today.”

Mike and his Run The Jewels partner El-P released their RTJ4 album on Wednesday (June 3). The LP was originally scheduled to drop on Friday (June 5), but the duo decided to put it out early as a free download.

Stream the project below.

Source: Hip Hop DX