King Von Releases 'Broke Opps' Video After Questioning Montana Of 300's Existence

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Days after clashing with Montana Of 300 on social media, King Von has dropped a video for his song “Broke Opps.” The track comes from his latest album Levon James, which was released in March.

The Only The Family signee’s issues with Montana started with a Twitter post on Sunday (May 17). Von didn’t take kindly to a slight against Chicago rappers like himself in a tweet praising Polo G and the late Young Pappy.

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“Outta all the Chicago rappers that I heard come out in the last 10 years…Young Pappy then @Polo_Capalot are both better than the rest of them,” Montana wrote. “Not really impressed with how anybody else’s brains worked. They got their shit together as far as being an actual rapper. #RapGod.”

Von responded, “I still don’t kno why 300 in yo name. Which part of Chicago you even from. I was locked up wen u was dropping shit I guess. I never heard none of yo shit.”

Soon after, the OTF rapper referenced Montana in another post.

“Rapping niggas got the biggest opinions around dis bitch,” he opined. “I did more hits den I got hits and I don’t rap battle. Who am I?”

Although Montana never responded directly to Von, he reacted to being called out hours later.

“For years, I heard rappers ask me shit over the internet while out of arms reach,” he explained. “If any Chicago rapper wants 2 meet in person n lock themselves in a room w/ me 2 ask whatever they’re curious 2 know about me, it can be arranged. If u ain’t tryna meet like men, don’t tweet me shit.”

Montana appeared to address the situation again after Von retweeted a fan calling him “irrelevant” on Wednesday (May 19).

“When u never met somebody, it’s common to not know shit about them,” he wrote. “So most of y’all DON’T KNOW me. Imagine a mf born 5 to 10 years after u telling you where u not from.”

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He concluded, “I made real $ way b4 rap. Y’all seem to forget Gangstas are supposed to move in silence.”

Watch Von’s “Broke Opps” video above.

Source: Hip Hop DX