Diddy Blocks Kenny Burns On Instagram For Disagreeing With His Joe Biden Agenda

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The 2020 presidential election has become a source of contention for Diddy and his old pal Kenny Burns.

In a video chat with Naomi Campbell, the Bad Boy Records founder said Democratic candidate Joe Biden couldn’t get the black vote unless the former vice president had a plan to improve the community’s lives.

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“Biden needs to make it clear that he’s gonna change the lives and quality of life of black and brown people or else he can’t get the vote,” Diddy said. “I will hold the vote hostage if I have to.”

In the Instagram clip’s caption, he noted, “Attention to all … THE BLACK VOTE WILL NOT BE FREE THIS YEAR.”

Diddy’s threat to hold the vote “hostage” didn’t sit well with his longtime friend Burns, who voiced his displeasure in a comment.

“Puff this statement is Very Irresponsible at this Point,” he argued. “THE ONLY OPTION iS TO GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFiCE. Come on Champ!!! Encouraging People to Stand by is NOT AN OPTiON. #VoteOrDie.”

Following the political disagreement, Diddy blocked Burns on Instagram. This led to more tension between the music executives.

“WOW @Diddy,” Burns wrote. “You erase My Truthful Comment and keep the VOTE FOR TRUMP comments on Your Page Then You Block Me…lol And You’re really going to wait til it’s 2 Candidates to say that Your Holding ‘Our Vote’… Come on Champ!”

He added, “This is NOT Leadership!!! Where were You during the primaries??? What Happened to #VoteOrDie??? TRUMP BEiNG PUT OUT OF OFFiCE iS THE ONLY OPTiON!!! PERiOD.”

Although Diddy blocked Burns over the dispute, he seemingly reacted to the pushback in a comment of his own.

“To whom it may concern it’s called BLACK LEVERAGE,” he wrote. “THIS IS NOT FOR ANY OF YOU SCARRED TO DEATH TOM NEGROES! Love. This is #SMOKE.”

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The social media back-and-forth isn’t the first time the two have publicly clashed. Diddy and Burns also butted heads at an Atlanta club in 2011, but those problems were quickly diffused.

“Immediately after the club, myself and him went behind the cars and talked like men,” Burns told MTV News at the time. “We talked it out.”

Source: Hip Hop DX