Offset's Baby Mama Alleges Cardi B Threatened To Smack Her

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Nicole Algarin a.k.a. Shya L’amour, the mother of Offset’s eldest daughter Kalea, isn’t holding her tongue when it comes to him or his wife Cardi B.

After airing out the couple’s dirty laundry and seeking more child support, Algarin explained why she went public with the dispute and accused Cardi of threatening her.

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“Y’all think that I didn’t try to come to this woman privately?” she said in an Instagram video. “I came to [Cardi] privately and respectfully, and she still come with the disrespect talking about she gon’ smack me. This is yo second time threatening me. This is yo second time threatening me! I’m done trying to save face for mothafuckas who don’t give a fuck about me and they disrespectful and stupid, bro.”

She continued, “I came to you respectful. It’s like talking to a fucking wall, man. These people slow. Women are supposed to stick together knowing that these men be on the BS … But let me not even act like it was for you. It was really for me, based on my morals and how I move and my principles.”

Algarin also claimed Cardi was acting entitled before asserting she would stop talking about her issues with the multi-platinum selling rapper.

“Why do you feel like somebody owe you something?” she asked in the clip. “Why do you feel so entitled? I don’t owe you shit. I never owed you nothing. This my last time speaking on this shit ever, ever. Like, I’m never trying to go back here. But you got me fucked up if you think you gon’ disrespect me and keep on threatening me and I’m not gonna speak my truth.”

Offset’s Baby Mama Claims He Was Fiending For Sex Behind Cardi B’s Back

The caption of Algarin’s post reiterated some of her points and alleged Cardi was manipulating the narrative.

“Don’t talk to the blogs behind the scenes trying to spin the narrative and think I’m not going to speak my truth,” she wrote. “them days over with. & this ain’t got nothing to do with [Offset] or our differences that will be settled in court! This is about my respect period. I let y’all slide for too long… you was literally begging and blowing up my phone to see receipts of 2018 so I showed you.”

Offset and Algarin are scheduled to be back in court in May. The mother of Kalea alleges the Migos rapper has only provided “limited financial support.”

Source: Hip Hop DX