MC Eiht Hospitalized With Pancreatitis — Not Coronavirus

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Los Angeles, CA – Despite erroneous reports claiming MC Eiht has the coronavirus, the West Coast gangsta rap legend is currently hospitalized with pancreatitis, as confirmed to HipHopDX.

The Compton’s Most Wanted OG shared an Instagram photo of himself at the hospital rocking a mask, which he’s likely required to wear due to the high number of ill patients hospitalized for COVID-19.

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“Watch yaself out here,” he captioned the post. “It’s no joke!!!”

Eiht’s longtime partner-in-rhyme, Tha Chill, took to social media on Thursday night (April 2) to debunk rumors Eiht had the virus.

“ITS NOT CARONA !!!” he emphatically stated. “It’s pancreatic …my bro @eiht0eiht been dealing wit stomach issues for some years now…please throw one up for him and the last thing u wanna do is start spreading rumors…NOW U HERD IT AND GO RUN TELL THAT!! @eiht0eiht get right and holla at u in a couple days like allwayz champ.”

Tha Chill tells DX, “I’ve been speaking wit my bro and he is fine as can be. He does not. have coronavirus! So to all the groupie ass clowns that like starting fake ass rumors, ‘EAT A DIC.’ My bro got stomach issues he be dealing with from time to time. He will be back to work in no time.

“People are in fear because of a pandemic I understand that clearly. But understand this, the not understanding of what’s going on in the world got muthafuckas in fear. Stay home. Find something positive to do. Spend this time with your family. The last thing you want to do is gossip and start spreading rumors because muthafuckas is scared.”

Eiht unleashed his double album Official last month. The 27-track offering featured contributions from Xzibit, Problem and Tha Chill. In an interview with DX, Eiht spoke about the project and revealed why he chose to keep the guest features minimal.

MC Eiht Drops ‘Official’ Double Album Featuring Xzibit, Problem & Tha Chill

“I didn’t go to much into guest appearances, seeing I wanted to concentrate on just making music for my fans and the masses and not oversaturate it,” Eiht explained. “Xzibit, Problem, Tha Chill, Cherrel Terri and Tinigi Starr are the only guest appearances. Producers are my Bluestamp camp, Ferhan C and Dee Ace. My boy Theory Hazit lent his bangin’ sound.”

Check out the album stream below.

Source: Hip Hop DX