Trick Daddy Curses Out The Shade Room Over Miami Restaurant Shooting Report

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Miami, FL – Trick Daddy is denying reports his Miami restaurant was shot up over the weekend. The Shade Room reported a shooting took place inside the rapper’s Sunday’s Eatery restaurant, but Trick took to Instagram to do some damage control on Monday (March 2) and vehemently denied the incident ever occurred.

“I don’t know what The Shade Room talkin’ about,” he says in the video clip. “If y’all believe the muthafuckin’ Shade Room, y’all gotta be fuckin’ crazy … when I find out which one of you muthafuckas at The Shade Room puttin’ up that false shit ’bout my muthafuckin’ restaurant, I’mma slap the shit out you, bitch ass nigga. I’m tellin’ you now, better take that shit down.”

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The video shows his restaurant open for business and a line of patrons patiently waiting outside the door. As the hungry people pour into the restaurant, Trick continues blasting The Shade Room.

“Ain’t nobody get shot in here anyway,” he says. “Man got shot down the muthafuckin’ street. When I find out what pussy nigga put that false shit up on Instagram, I’m gonna slap the shit out y’all.”

The original story claimed a man walked into the restaurant and started shooting. Trick said the shooting actually took place down the street from the establishment and a man ran into the restaurant to hide.

“I don’t know what they got goin’ on,” Trick adds. “We wide ass open. Yeah, that shit happened across the street. The man ain’t have no safe place to go. We let the man in. Simple as that.”

Source: Hip Hop DX