The Game Brags About Budapest Police Giving Him A Pass

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Budapest, Hungary – The Game’s face got him out of a speeding offense in Budapest, Hungary. The West Coast rapper took to Instagram immediately after his interaction with the police, boasting about how easily they let him off the hook.

In the video posted earlier on Monday (March 2), Game addresses his audience from the front passenger seat of a red Ferrari. He begins to explain what just went down.

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“Ayo, police just pulled us over in a ‘rari. Guess what? Niggas saw my face, they say, ‘Yo, get the fuck out of here Game, you Gucci!’ Game then throws up a gesture to the stationary flashing police vehicle behind him, saying, “We outta here; deuces baby!”

“No matter where I’m at, baby, this face good, aight?” he continues. He then shows the police vehicle driving off, saying, “Look at PoPo. Yeah, they out. We Gucci.” He later adds, “Niggas pulled us over – they ain’t know who we was. Saw the face, they like ‘Skrrt skrrt’. Foreigner, foreigner!”

The veteran MC explained in the caption that they were “doing 90 on a main street.” The speed limit in Budapest is 50km/hour in urban areas.

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After his smooth encounter with local authorities, Game posted several photos of himself and the Ferrari in question.

The Game performed in Budapest on Sunday (March 1) as part of his Born To Rap album tour.

Source: Hip Hop DX