Deniro Farrar Makes Triumphant Return With 'Sole Food' EP

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Charlotte, North Carolina MC Deniro Farrar has resurfaced with a new EP called Sole Food, which arrives roughly a year after the Re-Up EP. The cover art depicts a shirtless Deniro sitting outside in a chair as his signature dreads are shaved off.

The health conscious rapper talked about his decision to change his lifestyle in a 2016 interview with HipHopDX.

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“My lifestyle was like anybody else’s,” he said at the time. “I smoke and drank and ate a bunch of crap and it was just the way it was making me feel. I remember at one point in time I was smoking like a pack of cigarettes a day…I just felt so unhealthy and felt so drained.

“One day I’m just like, ‘I’m gonna get on this healthy kick in terms of feeling better,’ and I think when I started to read more mentally, I started to feel better and I’m like my physical has to match my mental at this point.”

Deniro added, “It gives me a better performance when I perform the music and I’m able to talk about things because in my music I’m only able to rap about what’s going on in my life. So now it shaped and molded a cleaner sound cause now I can talk about cleaner living, I guess you could call it a holistic lifestyle.

“I couldn’t rap about that before cause I didn’t live like that. I’m not a fake guy. I don’t rap about stuff I don’t live.”

Sole Food features the previously released single “Gon’ Be” featuring Elevator Jay and Lute as well as Trent The HOOLIGAN.

Check out the EP stream, cover art and tracklist below.

1. King
2. Sins
3. Prison Systems
4. Gon’ Be
5. Cuban Links
6. Liberated Mind
7. Street Knowledge
8. China Bus
9. Everything

Source: Hip Hop DX