Blueface Warns Artists About L.A. Following Pop Smoke's Murder

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Los Angeles, CA – In the wake of Pop Smoke’s shooting death, Blueface has issued an ominous warning to artists who come to sunny Los Angeles looking for fame and fortune.

On Wednesday (February 19) — only hours after the news of Pop Smoke’s murder broke — Blueface vocalized his feelings about it in one of his Instagram Stories. He made it clear L.A. is not simply endless parties and days at the beach.

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“People think Cali/LA is beautiful sunny palm trees,” he wrote. “Niggas die here every single day. I recommend any artist coming this way to get in touch wit the right natives just to keep you up to speed. Soon as you relax an think it’s cool this way that’s when they strike.”

Blueface, who is reportedly affiliated with School Yard Crips, followed up with a clarification, explaining he wasn’t referring to “checking in” with rival gangs.

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“A young immature dumb nigga might take what I said as ‘checking in’ an if you do tappin wit a nigga who Shows any signs of power or misconception cuz you hit him when you land then that is the WRONG native,” he said.

Pop Smoke was killed at a home in the Hollywood Hills around 4:30 a.m. local time. Police said several men dressed in hoodies and masks broke into the home and fatally shot the 20-year-old Brooklyn native. Authorities are still looking for the suspects.

In the wake of his death, several of his peers paid their respects on social media, including The Game, Juicy J and Redman. Meanwhile, 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj suggested jealousy could’ve played a role in the murder.

Source: Hip Hop DX