Ice Cube Insinuates NBA Stole New All-Star Game Rule From BIG3

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Los Angeles, CA – The 2020 NBA All-Star Game debuted a new format on Sunday night (February 16). One of the new rules includes the decision to play without a running clock, which Ice Cube already employs for his BIG3 basketball league.

Ahead of the game, the NBA tweeted about the updated rules, writing, “This year we’ve changed the game!”

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Cube quickly took notice and replied, “Oh really? Where should I send my invoice?,” insinuating he should be compensated for his idea.

The West Coast Hip Hop legend elaborated in a follow-up tweet on Monday (February 17).

“The forward thinking of ⁦@thebig3⁩ is taking our credit for helping the ⁦@NBA⁩ make the 4thQ of yesterday’s ASG one to remember,” he wrote. “Many will try to pull the Elam Rule out their asses, but we proved in 2017 that no game clock is the future. #nogarbageminutes.”

When someone pointed out amateur basketball has been using the no clock rule since 1989, Cube clarified, “Amateur basketball has been doing it forever, but we’re talking about the professionals, homie.”

Read his response below.

Source: Hip Hop DX