Ari Lennox Basks In Memory Of Sex With Unnamed Celebrity

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Ari Lennox reminisced about a sexual encounter with a well-endowed — but ill-famed — celebrity during a recent Instagram Live session.

“I was damn near willing to just let him talk to me crazy because that shit was out of this world,” the Dreamville songstress said during the video. “Like, ‘Yes, daddy. Yes. OK.’ Like, I was literally willing to ruin my career.”

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Although she gave no details about her partner’s identity, she did reveal he has a poor reputation.

“If this ever came out, who it was, you would be like, ‘Bitch, do you know what Google says?’” Lennox continued. “Yes, I do. Yes, I do — but I also know what that dick said. That dick spoke life into me — invigoration, blessings, soul. Turmoil but heaven.”

Closing out her story, Lennox looked to the ceiling and prayed for forgiveness.

“Jesus, sorry,” she concluded. “Please God, just understand, this is my truth. This is just my truth. You blessed him with it. He blessed me with it.”

Lennox’s fans, who are used to her comedic and no-filter livestreams, speculated the identity of the mystery man with guesses ranging from Trey Songz to Usher.

Watch the clips from Lennox’s Instagram Live session above.

Source: Hip Hop DX