Mally Mall Accused Of Drugging & Raping Fitness Model

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Los Angeles, CA – Mally Mall has found himself on the wrong side of the law once again. According to TMZ, the veteran producer has been accused of drugging and raping 26-year-old fitness and clothing model Quashay Davis.

She says she met up with Mally at his Los Angeles home last January to discuss her fitness business. There, she was introduced her former adult film star Jayla Foxx. She claims Mally had Foxx bring her a mixed drink made with Hennessy and after she drank it, she became dizzy then blacked out. The lawsuit states she then remembered waking up to a masseuse rubbing her body. 

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Mally allegedly slapped her face in an effort to keep her conscious and reportedly said, “You’re my new bitch” and “You’re my Jayla number two.” Davis says Mally also offered her cocaine, forced her to perform oral sex on him and “roughly” penetrated her.

She wanted Mally to stop, but she says he put more of his weight on her. She “feared for her life and worried that he would crush or choke her to death.”

The docs also allege Foxx and Mally spiked Davis’ drink with MDMA/ecstasy. Davis claims after going in and out of consciousness that day, she woke up surrounded by several other naked women in a “hypersexualized environment.”

Although Davis says she tried to escape, Mally allegedly threatened to kill her and called her a “stupid dumb nigger.”

Finally, Mally passed out and Foxx took her to urgent care, where medical personnel found her “injuries were consistent with a rape.” Davis is suing him for sexual battery, false imprisonment, gender violence and infliction of emotional and physical distress.

A rep for Mally called Davis’ claim a “blatant attempt at extortion,” adding “there is absolutely no factual basis or merit in this case.”

Mally ran into trouble last year when he was arrested for running a prostitution ring. He pleaded guilty last October.

Source: Hip Hop DX