Blueface Makes It Rain In Skid Row For Christmas

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Los Angeles, CA – West Coast rapper Blueface is all over the place at the moment. The Dirt Bag rapper has been tied to several trending headlines as of late, with his most recent stunt being highlighted for spreading holiday cheer to some of Los Angeles’ less fortunate. In a somewhat surprising move of generosity, Wack 100’s protégé is at the center of attention yet again for hand-delivering a bag to the homeless community on Skid Row.

In a video posted on Monday (December 23), Blueface stands on top of his Mercedes-Benz G-Class outside of Downtown Los Angeles while simultaneously throwing wads of cash and subsequently causing a momentary frenzy.

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“The season of giving,” he captioned the post.

Though it was all seemingly an act of goodwill by Blueface, many people immediately denounced the move claiming it was “dehumanizing” and “narcissistic,” while others seemed to identify with the sort of street justice the crippin’ Robin Hood took upon himself to spread during this holiday season.

Source: Hip Hop DX