Lil B Defends His Billie Eilish "Joke" After Being Called Out By Lil Yachty

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Lil B attempted to clarify an eyebrow-raising comment he made about teen pop star Billie Eilish on Saturday (December 7). After being called out on Twitter by Lil Yachty, the BasedGod responded by claiming he was making a joke in a series of tweets.

The social media back-and-forth began when Lil B wrote about Eilish via Twitter on Saturday morning.

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“Billie Ellish reminds me of girls that thinks Lil b is cute !!” he wrote. “I felt like we dated before.”

Yachty reacted hours later by bluntly reminding the BasedGod of her age.

“She is 17 bro,” Lil Boat wrote.

Lil B quickly fired back at Yachty’s insinuation of inappropriateness by downplaying the comment as a joke.

“Question for you is what you think I meant when I made that joke?” he asked Yachty.

The BasedGod continued to defend himself, insisting there was nothing wrong about what he wrote.

“Cuz she do got fans that’s grown and I have dated women that are my age that got a unique vibe !” he declared. “Do you think it’s sexual what I said? Or romantic ? Just wondering cuz I ain’t think it was neither just somthing cute and funny! But hey !!”

Lil B concluded, “And think this to it’s obvious I’m not the only one that thinks she’s cool or she would not be signed to a major label !! THe label prob think she cool to right? Every adult that supports her thinks she’s cool to? Or should adults just stay away from non adults?”

While Yachty didn’t reply to any of Lil B’s clarifying tweets, he did chime in when a Twitter user accused him of a past romantic relationship with teen viral sensation-turned-rapper Bhad Bhabie.

“I’ll smack da shit out u,” Lil Boat snapped.

Yachty has described Bhad Bhabie as a little sister yet faced backlash for gifting her a $53,000 chain for her birthday.

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Source: Hip Hop DX