Tory Lanez Says He Gave Tyga Unlimited Features For Hairline Doctor's Number

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Los Angeles, CA – Tory Lanez stated he charges a hefty bill for his craft only three months ago, and it appears 2 Chainz has the same mindset. During a conversation with HipHopDX, Tory revealed he paid Chainz $50,000 for a song.

To get things started, Tory admitted he’s never paid for a feature but instead spent money on a clearance. The 27-year-old artist recalled having to pay 2 Chainz for a clearance, which took him by surprise.

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“I didn’t understand why I was paying for the clearance,” he began. “I was mad as fuck. I called that nigga up like ‘Bruh, you tripping. He was like ‘Nah, bro. Lil Wayne charged me like $75,000 to $$100,000 one time.’ I said, ‘Alright, cool.’”

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Towards the end of the video, Tory admitted he’s never paid for a feature due to the fact most artists requests for him to be on the hooks of their songs. He also said gave Tyga an unlimited feature pass in exchange for his hair doctor’s number.

“I had met Tyga and I was like ‘Yo, I will give you unlimited features for the rest of your life,” Tory noted. “He [Tyga] has an unlimited features pass with me for giving up the secret.”

Tory and Tyga joined forces on “Broke Leg,” which was featured on the Canada native’s Love Me Now? album.

For those who don’t have the same deal as Tyga, Tory charges $75,000 for a feature. Back in August, Tory revealed his price during a Q&A session on Twitter.

“On everything I love I charge 75k right now,” he wrote.

Check out the entire interview above.

Source: Hip Hop DX