Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Staged An Intervention For Jaden After Severe Weight Loss

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Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk often takes the highly personal route when it comes to her famous family.

During a recent episode, her movie star husband Will, children Willow and Jaden, mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Will’s son Trey gathered around the table to discuss eating habits.

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At one point during the conversation, Will and Jada revealed they had to hold an intervention for Jaden whose weight loss appeared to be getting dangerous.

“Will and I had a bit of an intervention with Jaden because he’s a vegan now, but we realized he wasn’t getting enough protein,” Jada explained. “So he was wasting away. He just looked drained, he was just depleted, he wasn’t getting the nutrients.”

Will added, “He had the dark circles under his eyes, there was even a little grayness to his skin. We got really nervous, but you are definitely looking better now.”

Jaden clarified he’s no longer vegan.

“I’m vegetarian, I have tried to eat vegan meals,” he said. “I’ll go vegan for a week or so but for the past year I’ve been vegetarian. But everything else you guys are saying is right.”

He admitted he was only “eating like two meals a day, and maybe one. Maybe just that one big meal.”

Will, on the other hand, revealed he’d gained a significant amount of weight on a recent family vacation and decided to fast.

“I would wake up in the morning … and I would have like four muffins,” he recalled. “Then for lunch I would have like, a Moscow mule. That was pretty much my routine for the 10 days. You saw. I would wake up, eat five muffins, and then go to sleep!”

It got so out of control, Jaden and Willow started calling him “pudgemuffin.”

“I had gotten up to 225 lbs., and it was the most I had ever weighed in my adult life,” he said. “I got to 223 on [the movie] Ali, and I got to 225 on the muffin boat. I don’t want to be a pudgemuffin to my family.”

After that experience, Will has decided to start eating to live rather than living to eat.

Watch the episode above.

Source: Hip Hop DX